I Forgot To Name This Post

Made it through ot and pt again today. I only have one more physical therapy session left this year,  unless I get a reprieve from the insurance company. It is a wait and see type deal. It will most likely be the end of the year when I get my answer, so the whole point will be mute. I love America. I have high hopes that someday the red tape will improve as much as technology. Access to good medical care should just be logical. Costs should be capped to a certain percentage of profit. For example, why does a velcro glove cost $95, I could buy my own velcro and sew my own glove. Why does a simple pair of buttons that screw onto my shoes cost $20 a pair? I think that is equivalent to a 199% profit margin. I could go on, but will stop. I know the medical equipment sales people are used to their six figure salaries. It would be a shame if I had something they wanted to buy. I always ponder what really makes such a difference in lifestyles among us humans. Are we born this way, kinda like honey-bees? I don’t think so, because I would be born the queen bee. The medical salespeople should be the drones. I wish I could sting more than once and still live.