Sleep Is Golden

I went back to sleep after my son went to school. That is nothing new, I have been doing that since the stroke when I can. I slept until 10:30AM. I believe it helps me cope with my day. It also makes up for the fact I stay up past 1AM and sometimes 2AM. If I ever get back into the workforce, I will need to make my own hours. Today, I had to pick my son up after school. He finally got his glasses. They survived the rest of the day without scratches or major bending. They don’t sit crooked on his face. I hope this lasts until I can save up for a new pair.

I was so preoccupied after my bowl of cereal for dinner, I forgot about going to the school to walk. I made sure my mother made it through her cooking session without mishap. She was extremely tired, and stayed up past her 7:30PM bedtime. She needed someone to remind her what she was doing and nudge her along. I also did the laundry at the same time. I don’t really feel that bad that I did not get to walk.  I stopped at the store and pushed the cart around. I really need to push myself farther. The scale is stuck on the same weight, even after I practically starved myself a few days. I do feel bad I forgot to take my camera. There was a thin film of ice on the lakes.