Too Much Food

My mother had her annual Christmas luncheon with her friends today. I had both OT and PT, so I arrived home in time for dessert. I started off with a piece of chocolate cake. It was made from a cake mix, that made it high in sodium. I then grabbed some leftovers for lunch. Good thing I only drink water,  I don’t need any more calories. Dinner was more leftovers. I did not eat that much, but I feel extra full. I probably have enough sodium in me for the week. I am trying to drink extra water.

Tomorrow my older kids arrive to spend a few days. We are going to celebrate December and January birthdays, more cake. My mother plans on making another big meal, more leftovers. I will probably have to fast or just eat melon for lunch. I also need to fit in some exercise. It is supposed to rain, so I hope it stops long enough to take a walk.