Still Working On Picture Uploads

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My computer was tied up most of the day with my son-in-law putting my albums on. Hopefully tomorrow my old pictures will be back in my possession. They are not really old, but were on my former computer and I did not have the cable to transfer them to my new computer. My sister came over to get some really old pictures to make them digital to share with the whole family.

Today we checked out two awesome thrift stores. Since we could not get our act together we missed two others that closed earlier.  We made and devoured our pizzas. I baked the birthday cake, but my daughter is going to frost it tomorrow. We are also having turkey dinner tomorrow.It will be a good day to stay inside and have the oven on all day. Last time I checked it was only 7 degrees out. There is not enough snow to go sledding. I bought my mom a scrabble game, so we will play that and dice tomorrow.

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