Christmas Cards Ready to Go

I have a weekness for stone buildings

I have been known to mail out my cards after Christmas, or not at all. I had most of mine ready to go by Saturday this year. I attempted to buy Christmas stamps, but the post office has bankers hours around here. I finally stopped at the post office on the way home from my doctor appointment. I was told the Christmas stamps sold out last week. I was wondering on the way back to the car how they could have sold out. I guess they did not anticipate the demand, or they simply did not care to have excess inventory. I guess that makes sense if they are cutting back, or planning to close all together. I hope they do not close in my lifetime. We can not tele-port the smell and feel of real cards, letters, envelopes, and catalogs. We could do without the junk mail. I need the post office for the slew of protest letters I need to send to my former employer, insurance companies, and county assistance office. I had an ongoing exchange with social service agency worker in my former state. I should send him a Christmas card. I did have more conversations by phone and letter with him than I did with most of my family members.

My doctor appointment today was the typical wait forever. Sit and wait some more. Then when the doctor arrives I am too tired and hungry to remember what to tell him. My blood pressure record of the last two months told the tale for me. He changed my as needed med to an everyday med. I also left without making sure I had the signed script to get my own NMES from OT. Hopefully, they have it faxed and waiting for my therapy session tomorrow. I want my electrical stimulation back for my wrist. What is wrong with these people? The sooner I get more therapy, the quicker I am closer to normal. Days turn to weeks, weeks to months. It is my hibernation period. I want my therapy to work miracles for next Spring. Enough ranting, it gets old, even to me.

My son is excited, tomorrow is his last day of school for the year.  I can’t wait to sleep in for a week or more. That sounds like I am lazy, but I am always awake until 2 AM. I think 7 hours of sleep is reasonable.