Picture by iPod touch

don't you know you are a superstar

I always use my own pictures. Today’s picture was taken by my 11 soon to be 12 year old with his new iPod touch. He likes to make videos and take pictures. He might be the next great director or not. Anyway, he does not have his own computer (and for good reasons, mostly censorship), his pictures download to mine. His birthday is December 26th. He is looking forward to it. He wants carrot cake with chocolate frosting (he is my kid). I tried to talk him into having a half birthday party in the summer. Two out of three friends can’t make his party on Monday. He wants nothing to do with the summer party, so a very small party will be had on Monday.

I need to fight the crowds tomorrow (ha, ha no crowd in this town) to get the supplies for his cake. He wants pizza from the pizza place (he always eats my homemade pizza), so I will give in to that too. There is supposed to be a bit of snow tomorrow, hopefully that will put this household in the Christmas spirit. Today would have been a great day for walking in the sunshine. I could not get my act together and get outside. My blood pressure was high, even with the additional med. I drank a ton of water. Sometimes, I think my thoughts are killing me from the inside out. Make that most of the time not sometimes. Yes, I really need to get out tomorrow, and listen to music while I am home.