Looks Like I am Screwed Again

Just a brief moment in time

I got a letter in the mail, about 7-8 pages long. I read through the whole thing and came to the conclusion, I am shit out of luck again. I love when it says see section so and so, I read three times over and section so and so is not there. Back to square one calling to see what kind of health insurance, if it will cover my therapy and meds, and how much it will cost me. I can see it now, last time they would not give me any answers until my start date. So much for being proactive. Hopefully, it won’t cost my life. That means when I call and get an ignorant witch, like I have in the past and have no more answers when I hang up then when I started my blood pressure is going to go through the roof. I wish health insurance was like gold coins, I would buy me the biggest bazooka and steal it, then give it away to people who need it. Dumb -asses standing in my way would get blown away. I am the type of person that would not hurt a fly, just to give you an indication of how pissed off this makes me.

The sad part is, why don’t they just make it simple to understand. Like one or two pages of direct information. If this means they are going to send me more catalog size booklets of provider listings in triplicate, and they can’t figure out that is unnecessary costs then they deserve to go bankrupt. Streamlined, computerized information makes it into every sector except healthcare. Common sense is what is missing all around.  I guess that is one thing the United States does not import from China. What are we really paying by lacking common sense in healthcare? It will be a sad day when the increasingly obese middle class population has heath care problems of the same or worse magnitude as me. Excuse me, I am going to take my self prescribed dose of Fukitol.