My Son’s Birthday Eve

My youngest turns 12 tomorrow. Does that make me feel old? No, but everything else does. His birthday gifts are laid out under the Christmas tree, a tradition he likes and expects. I hope he has a good time tomorrow. I tried to talk him into having a half birthday in the summer. He does not even want to think about waiting half a year. He had to grow up more than he wanted this year.

A big seat to fill

It is snowing now, and he informed me he is not going to play outside tomorrow. I just think that is out of defiance that I won’t drive him hours to shop. His combined Christmas and birthday money is burning a hole in his pocket. I am trying to get him to see the beauty, economy, and ease of online shopping.

If it was not snowing and my tire light was not back on, I would probably cave. I hope he gets over it, and looks forward to the half birthday I will start planning for June.


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