A Federal Holiday

A random House Christmas 2010

I was surprised that the banks and post offices were closed today. Oh, well back to normal tomorrow. My son had a great day. His friend that could not make his party came by early in his pjs. They played nerf guns. Later another friend came over and they played nerf guns as well. They did take breaks to play with the ipad touch, wii, and occasional texting. My son does not have a cell phone, his friend was texting. We went to see the Chipmunk movie, after pizza and cake. It was ok. It was full of pop songs, if I did not have a 12 year old, I never would have heard them before. I could have fell asleep during the movie, I am glad it was only a little over an hour long.

I am letting my son stay up until midnight. Just for tonight, it’s his day. He can’t get enough video games. I might have to start a 12 step program, to get the kids away from the electronics and into the real world. I am tired, so will start on that tomorrow.