Ticking the Days Away

Lead the way to a new year

With only a few days left this year, I am contemplating what I can do to make next year better. Better health is a given. I always want to lose all the weight that creeps on when I am not looking. Since I have been literally sitting around eating birthday cake, Christmas cookies, and leftovers the last few days…….I can’t wait to make New Year’s resolutions……..this year I am going to make new LIFE resolutions. I am trying to make the best of my financial situation. I need to push myself to get out of the house every day. I can never forget for a moment that the food I shove in my mouth could be what kills me. I was doing so well sticking to my diet when I left rehab. I have to get back to that point again soon. The one little treat won’t hurt mentality is totally false. Those little treats are not deserved if I don’t exercise at all. I let myself slide every winter. I hate going outside to face the blasting chill. I can not keep myself in the plastic bubble I have surrounded myself with. I won’t die if I fall on the ice, I will pick myself up and brush myself off. It might take me longer to get up, but it will happen. I will shut my ears to all the negative comments I know will be coming, they will be there anyway. I won’t let them tear me down or dissuade me.