Goodbye 2011

Montage Mountain PA

I had occupational therapy today. She is going to continue seeing me, regardless of what my insurance decides. That was great news for me. She showed me how to hook up my shoulder to the empi (electrical stimulation, I jokingly call electrocution). She said I was showing good improvement with my wrist and other exercises. That encourages me to work out more. I wish the OT therapists that filled in for her on maternity leave (when I first started here in NY) had the same attitude.

I need to think of something to get out of here tomorrow, just during the afternoon. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be an icy mess. I won’t be going out for New Years Eve.  I will probably let my son stay up, I have in the past. That leaves the afternoon free to drag my son out into the real world and away from his video games and epic lego battle set ups. He usually complains about being dragged away. Sometimes he does end up having fun. I think it will also be a good day to plant the cherry pits I saved, to see if I can grow my own trees. If I don’t end up with my own yard to plant them in next summer, I will put one or two in a container. The rest I will plant around in unexpected places and hope they thrive. Like near abandoned buildings, roadside clearings etc.