Resolutions for My Revolution 2012

  1. Caution, Life Under Construction

    Eat more raw foods, not an all raw diet, I love pizza too much, aim for 50 % per day

  2. To never forget I need to get rid of my muffin top, my reward to myself will be purchasing new jeans
  3. Spend more QUALITY time with family, including extended family
  4. Try harder at making friends
  5. Volunteer already (always say I want to, always afraid of taking first step)
  6. STOP being afraid, mostly of taking first steps (life is too short, being afraid reduces my opportunities)
  7. Read 2 books per month (more challenging than 1 per month, but doable even for me)
  8. Schedule productive time (Maybe I will see more accomplished, if I know what I am aiming for?)
  9. Get rid of my car debt, or greatly reduce it
  10. Find my next dream home, find a way to move in by July 1st!
  11. Get Ashley (my pit bull mix) back
  12. Write more intelligent and creative blog posts (most likely reblogging others)
  13. Bake my own bread, less salt and way less than $4 a loaf