New Years Day With Sun!

archways, keystones, iron fences, oh my

The sun was shining today, and it was warm for January 1st, about 40 degrees here. I slept in, like always. By the time I did my electric shock therapy, ate, showered and got ready to go out in the world for the first time this year it turned into dark skies. It was not because it was night time, it was the bad weather waiting to roll in. I thought it very depressing and put off the walk I was going to take. I did not take my camera out, I have enough gray pictures. I dutiful made my errand to the store then came right back. I was out of soy milk, and since it is not a popular item around these parts, i had to reach to the back of the shelf to not get a carton that expired in two days. That was even more depressing. Good thing I am not dwelling on the negative. I did make dinner for my son and myself. We had ravioli and french fries, and I had left over haddock on a sandwich. It was not the superstitious black eyed peas (not my favorite). I was thinking of making a crock pot of kidney beans (my favorite), but my son does not care for them (yet, until I starve him until he eats them).  Anyway, I was yearning for the french fries for awhile. I actually would love homemade potato wedges, but have not perfected my one handed knife skills.

With the dark skies and my lack of taking walks outside on the icy roads, cabin fever has set in. I will be glad when my son is back in school, and my Mom gets back to her routine of visiting with friends. The walls close in faster on me when I have no alone time. I decided I will be sitting in my car tomorrow, parked somewhere I can be alone with my thoughts. I actually like to drive around, but my budget does not allow for weekly fill ups. I would also feel guilty for adding more co2 into  the already too gray skies.