Brrrrrrr -5 degrees Here Already

snowstorm a few years ago

It was not very much warmer during the day today. I think it got up to 10 degrees. It was sunny! So I finally ventured out and chiseled off my car windows. I don’t have a car starter, so I have to open the driver side door to start it up. Every time I open the door, the snow falls right into the driver’s seat. I thought my hand was frost bit by the time I was done and came in to warm up. I had a glove on, so my fingers are still intact. I was glad I finally wore my winter coat for the season.

I made a second trip later on to walk around the school. I was so glad for a warm place to walk. I remembered my pedometer this time. It has to be wrong, I walked over 1/2 mile and it said I walked 177 steps. I guess I need to put it on my shoe instead of in my pocket. My resolution to eat more raw foods is not happening immediately. I did only have a banana for lunch. I had a handful of baby carrots while waiting for dinner. I then put lettuce on my (fake veggie) cheese sandwich. I also had pears for dinner, but I don’t know if they qualify as raw. They were from a can, therefore “processed”. My breakfast cereal, shredded mini wheats, is definitely not raw. I am not giving up my easy breakfast for anything except oatmeal. Oatmeal is not raw either so breakfast will remain in part of my 50 % non raw allowance.

I have to venture out tomorrow, I have a therapy appointment. I hope it warms up, so I can get my camera out for some new pictures.

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