Should have Hibernated

gulpThe cold is wearing me down fast. With the wood stove off, I feel a draft sitting at the computer. I sit with a blanket wrapped around me, I am still cold. I can’t get up and move around, everyone else is asleep. My son needs lots of sleep, minimum of 9-10 hours per day, to function as a well adjusted human. Without the sleep, he snaps, or ends up crying about simple homework. My mother always went to sleep early, and won’t change for nothing. Not even to join friends for a later movie. It’s her prerogative. Her house has paper thin walls. More like fake wood thin paneling. Whatever they are made of, I sound loud just walking around. So I try to stay quiet, not to wake either one of them. After my stroke, I require lots more sleep. I am not sure if it is all the scripts I now take, or just my brain trying to heal. It most likely is a combination of both. I am wide awake from 9PM-2AM however, but the rest of this sleepy town is closed down. Heck, they were closed by 6PM. I drove to the school to walk around. I could not get in. I was slightly pissed, another missed opportunity. I will be forever fat. Anyhow, driving back home, I was on the lookout for a diversion to stop and spend a few minutes. There was nothing interesting open. The library now closes early, winter hours. The bookstore, always looks closed. The building it is in for sale, so not sure if they have the bookstore signs all over town for nothing. There was hardly a car on the street, no wonder where would they go? My only choices were one bar, too tempting to make my regular stop. The Rite Aid, already went there today. The grocery store, already went several times this week, but too small and uninteresting to browse. I left my camera home. So driving through this cold wasteland, my only thoughts that seemed pleasant was to curl up under a comforter and take a long winter’s nap. It did not happen, but should have.

I only have my therapy sessions, and home electric shock sessions as physical activity for today. I hope it does not stay this cold for the rest of winter, I am lazy enough already.