This Is My 100th Post (But Nothing Special Posted)

it says "friends?"

It does not take much to get me wiped out since the stroke. It might be I won’t drink any caffeine to help me through the day anymore. The day of my stroke I had too much caffeine. I was on vacation, I did not want to miss out on fun from being tired. Even though it is not anything the doctors even ask about, I think it contributed to my other serious stroke risk factors. The only other factors were my lack of physical exercise and family history. My Grand mother had several strokes and died young from a stroke. I never got to meet her, only through pictures and stories.

Going back to being wiped out easily, last night set me back one day. My son was sick all night. I was on clean up duty. I had to keep remembering I could not walk fast. Every time I tried to get up and turn the light on my ankle twisted. I am usually very careful when I first get up, knowing I need to get my “sea legs”. I was supposed to go to therapy in the morning. I finally cancelled when I realized my son was not better yet. I did not want to leave him alone for a few hours while I went. I was still feeling a bit off when it came time to go walking even though I did get in an extra nap. I was never really sure if I felt off from the lack of sleep or that I was getting ill too. So far I still have the iron stomach. My son felt better enough in the evening to finally eat one piece of toast and pick up his iPod.

All I can do is accept the fact I won’t be superwoman anytime soon. There will be days when I only get out of the house to run to the mini mart for overpriced ginger ale. If I am too tired, it is better I rest so I don’t fall and break an arm or leg. I just hope it does not have to be this way forever. Ten months already feels like forever. I am just happy it was not ten months six feet under.