It Is January Still

frozen lake

The days are getting longer, yay! It is still not enough to make the roads walkable (to my partially disabled self). They are brown slippery mush, so if I fall I will be dirty and frozen as well as hurting. I really wanted to walk around the yard instead, but I can’t bring myself to bear even a chill. I am really grateful this winter is warmer and less snowy than normal, otherwise a full blown depression would set in.

In keeping me guessing what makes my blood pressure high, it has been normal the last two days. 117/77 is very low for me, I have been not eating as well as I should either. I had cookies while waiting for dinner yesterday. I skipped lunch today, since I finished breakfast at 1PM.

Hopefully, tomorrow I get back on track. At the very least I have therapy and walking at the school.