I Need Reprogramming

thank you, thank you very much

I finally made it to both therapy and walking on the same day. I realize now how tired I am, and I still have another hour and half that I should be doing the electrical stim on my left arm. Not to mention, I totally forgot to put on my hand splint last night. I need to shift my schedule around to get all this therapy done. My occupational therapist added more shoulder cap muscle exercises, to my already long list of arm exercises. My electrical stim should be twice a day, for a total of three hours. I might have to figure out how to walk around with it on to get it all done. I have to give up my morning naps too. The only thing I can think of is I will have to get to sleep every night before 11PM. I was on that schedule when I was working, and could go all week without a nap.

While walking today, I remembered to put on the pedometer. I did the last time I walked too. I went 3/4 mile, which my pedometer said over 1600 steps. I confirmed online that 3/4 mile should be around 1500 steps. My strides are shorter, since I still do not have much control of my left foot placement. I also walked to and from the car. It is a far cry from the 10,000 steps I should be walking every day, but I don’t wear shoes or the pedometer all day. Eventually, I probably will. For now, I am just keeping track of my steps per walk. I might see how many I take shopping tomorrow. I just need a few things at the store. However, I don’t get out much, so I am going to walk around “window” shopping (inside where it is warm), for exercise. If there was a furniture store here, that would be heaven. I do have a $5 coupon for Ace hardware that will expire soon. I can use it on any regular priced item. It does not have a minimum purchase, so I thought I would try to find something just over $5. I was thinking something for the garden (looking ahead to Spring), or some paint brushes.