Tomorrow is My Mother’s 71st Birthday!

It is also my oldest son’s, her first grandchild. He will be 30!! It feels like he was just born a few years ago, then life went on fastfast (vcr style) forward. I will write about my son tomorrow. Tonight is mostly about Mom.

We almost could be opposites. We are opposite on many things. She is a republican (why?, someone at one point must of told her to be), I am very liberal minded.  She loves meat, I can’t even stand the smell of it. The reason I am mentioning it, one gift I bought her for combined Christmas/Birthday was meat. I got her leg of lamb, ham, and a pork roast. She cooked the lamb already and had my sister’s family over. (me and my younger son did not have any) She is not cooking on her birthday, and when my sister asked her what she wanted special for dinner, she could not make up her mind. That is another way we are different, I know what I want. Then she makes a joke about going to McDonald’s for a fish filet sandwich. She still does not know what she wants, and now my sister’s family is sick. My sister was going to cook her dinner. She is not too keen on eating anything I make. (and she does not like to drive with me either) I told her I would treat her to the McDonald’s. She sounded happy when I jokingly suggested it. So,

Mom November 2011

we will probably end up there. Might as well make her birthdays happy while I can. I only got her a card and lottery tickets for tomorrow. She does not need anything else stuffed into the house. (she has hoarding tendencies) She also always buys herself everything she wants, even though she can’t afford it anymore, since my Dad died. Thankfully, her friends are having a surprise lunch for her tomorrow.  Her friend told her today.(I guess you can’t surprise older people, they might have a heart attack)  After that she will probably take a nap until it is time to eat dinner. Well, Moms, you got to love them.

It is hard to imagine how the person that raised you can be so different. We do have similarities as well. She was always the one I turned to when I was sick (that was often) as a child. She would make us (her 4 kids) tea and toast, and make us drink ginger ale. We would stay home from school and watch cartoons and roller derby. She would get up in the middle of the night, when I could not breath, and pour medicine down my throat until I was tripping. They must of put narcotics in it, way back then. I will say it again, Moms, you got to love them.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you. I hope your have many more birthdays and special birthday dinners and surprise parties.

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