Happy 30th Gerg!

Number One Son

He is photogenic, unlike me. He also has beautiful, white, straight teeth, unlike anyone else in my whole family. I am most proud of his ability to keep himself healthy. He works out several times a week. Plus, he walks, bikes, runs (sometimes barefoot), walks my Ashley (my pitbull), meditates, and eats healthy. He has a BS from SUNY Stony Brook, and currently works full time.  After contemplating several different school paths again, he has decided to concentrate on being an artisan furniture maker, sign carver, artist.  He does some amazing work, none of which I have digital pictures I can upload. Now, if this sounds like a personal ad, this guy is currently single ladies! Can you tell I want to be a grandmother? Shh, don’t let him know I posted about him.

He called today, to wish his Gram a happy birthday. She was not here, so we talked for a few minutes. He had to work today, bummer for him.  I know a friend of his already took him out for a birthday dinner. My daughter and son-in-law are also taking him out in a few days for sushi. We had a small celebration here, when he visited for the holidays. I most likely won’t see him in person again until summer, when I volunteered him to help me move. Summer is the perfect time to be in central New York, where I plan on moving too. He has friends near there, since that is where he and my daughter grew up. I lived there most of my life, until I ventured to Long Island, then into Pennsylvania. Then my stroke threw all my plans out the window.

I was planning on moving somewhere in the Carolinas, and had my stroke while vacationing there. I have been thinking (too much) where best to spend the next few years while my son (youngest) goes to school. I have decided, that my first choice of the greater Boston area is too expensive for me to handle at this point. The rest of my family lives in the Central New York State area, so I am planning on moving back there. I won’t be too far away to attend family events, like weddings and funerals. My brothers will be closer, and they would help me in a pinch. It snows way too much there, but there is more civilization (indoors) to walk around in the winter. I could even take buses, if I did not want to drive. I also have plenty of parks and safe streets in the summer to walk around. A plus is I know several thrift shops I used to frequent.

Talking about walking. Yesterday, I walked around the school, but not as far as usual. I did about 900 steps. Today I thought I walked more than yesterday, but again I only did 900 steps (per pedometer). Today, when I came home from walking I was exhausted. I took a short nap, and my knees are sore when I woke up. I am going to go back tomorrow, if the ice/snow storm lets me. If there is no post tomorrow, it will because we lost electricity from the ice. Hopefully, the weather people are just bored and it will be a minor inconvenience.