Prisoner of Weather

vandal damage to boldt's castle

Some like to ski, and snowmobile, and ice fish, and wrap their car around the pole down the street. Not me. I hate winter, in case you missed my complaints the million other times. They cancelled all after school activities, because of the ice mixed with the snow. That means I did not get to go walking tonight. That is ok, my left leg was feeling a bit numb anyhow. Since I made a hog of myself with candy and cookies, and cakes since Halloween, I have only lost two of the five pounds I gained. I am doing ok on trying to eat more raw fruit and veggies. I can only hope they open the pool back up where my sister works. It has been shut down for repairs since August. I did one whole hour and half session with the electrical stimulation on my left arm and shoulder. I am supposed to do another hour and half. It is such a drag to sit in one place that long.

Tomorrow is the last day of my soap, and I heard this morning that Hostess (as in twinkies) is going out of business. The Mayans were right. It is the end of the world as we know it. I like Zingers better anyhow, the ones with the coconut covered in food coloring are my favorite. The chocolate ones are ok too. I will get over my soap quickly, I have Netflix. I watched The Beatles, Hard Days Night, last night. I used to own that on VHS (another dead commodity). Tonight, I might see if Netflix has Yellow Submarine or Help!

In reality, I only watched my soap when I was out of work. I started while on maternity leave when my 12 year old was born. I then watched it most days on my lunch break at work. I would miss it for a year, and catch up in one day. I have watched it everyday since moving in with my mother this past June. With no more TV viewing to suck my brains out, I should get some real progress done towards my goals. I might even write out my goals, maybe not. Goal number one is to make it through Winter without going nuts.

Tomorrow I have therapy. I have to call the doctor yet again to have a med refilled. I thought that was all straightened out from my last appointment, only one month ago. I guess it never ends.