I can’t wait for Spring

turrets rule

It was below zero last night, and again tonight. I can feel frozen drafts, where I used to feel cool drafts. I am not sure if they are coming in through the windows or the walls. I wish my mother would have moved south. She complains, but won’t move. It is her choice. I understand she likes to be near her friends.  Too bad all her friends don’t get together and move south. It won’t be much warmer where I plan on spending my next few years. There will be insulated walls and windows. There will be many places to go and public transportation. I have been thinking if I should give up my  car entirely, not just go for an un-financed one. Most likely I will just settle for a clunker like I drove for many years, when I first got divorced. At least I am more savvy to repair lingo and how not to get ripped off. Thanks to the internet, I no longer have to be ignorant. I can research to see if a new doohickey for $200 is needed or if a $20 repair can be handled by me.(the only thing I fixed myself was a light switch, but hey I did it)

I slept in so late today, then went back for a nap. I wasted most of the day, but I guess I needed it. I did a full hour of electrical stimulation on my arm. I had hopes of doing a second set, but was too tired and cold to sit through it. I thought about clearing my car off better and venturing out. I remembered how draining it was yesterday to go out and skipped that idea. I don’t really need anything at the store. I just get cabin fever as soon as fall is over. Last year around this time I was visiting my kids in Boston. It was an ice storm, day after day. I fell on my head. It was still more fun. Next year I hope to be taking a road trip south. I will be prepping to be a snow bird. Some Native Americans were nomads. There are nomads in other countries and cultures. They are very smart people. You can only fight mother nature so much.