111-edit that, my bad 112

cold plate (and arse) special

It is almost 11:11 PM. I believe this is my 111th post.

I woke up at 6:45 AM, to send my son off to school. As soon as he steps on the bus, I am back in the warm comfy bed. I nod off quickly. I slept until 10AM. I rolled over and decided I did not need to wake up. I dragged myself out at noon to shower and get dressed. I did the electrical stim on my arm, and a few stretches. I had junk food snack lunch, Doritos and salsa. I will not eat junk food again. I lie to myself. After dinner, I made it to the school to walk. I forgot to put on the pedometer, but I did about 3/4 mile very slowly. I tried to walk with a normal gait. I hobbled slowly. My knee was hurting, that does not help me concentrate. Everyone passing me motivates me, I went around more laps before giving my knee a rest. I heard the pool might open soon. If I walk and swim and stop eating junk food I might live awhile longer and walk faster. I want to be ready to hike by spring.