Annoying 3 Letter Acronyms (not including USA)

Oval Wood Dish manufacturing.....been closed for awhile. thanks China

I am a MOM. A mom on mission, to end the never ending stream of acronyms that are exponentially filling our precious brain cells with small meaningless portions of the alphabet. I may be the only one that feels this way. This is all assuming that everyone has common knowledge of the spoken subject at hand. Most times I might have a clue if full verbiage was used. I don’t text often either, so¬† I am on a don’t need to know basis. This chick will try to speak and type out full words.

I have another quote, I get several emailed to me every day. Since I am not clever enough to come up with my own quotes, I will share from those I adore:

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”

– Carl Sagan

This is so pertinent right now. As I read on facebook one of my former classmates narrow-minded rants about how the president should be “ousted” for not approving the can-am oil pipeline. Please know I love The POTUS, The President of the United States. I fully support his disapproval of said pipeline. I am sorry if I did not use the correct name (of the pipeline) since it really does not matter to me. I believe Canada and the United States could both benefit if we (countries) both could come up with a safe alternate energy. That way we would not need to pollute the ground and air with oil. This is where Sagan’s quote comes to mind. I believe if pressed hard enough humans could use their imagination to overcome all this oil nonsense. It might be solar, much better mass transit, wind energy, hydro or some inventive combination.

In an effort to be able to use my own energy better, I went to school to walk tonight. I did the usual 3/4 mile. I tried at times to walk faster, stand up straighter, not hobble, walk heel to toe vs. stomp. I almost fell once when my left knee gave out. My right knee was hurting for a while. I made it. I hope to work on my abs later tonight, but honestly I hate working out.