Multi-pane windows, ready to pop

As usual Saturday slips by much too fast. I had nothing fun planned today. Nothing fun happened. I did some laundry and started to clean. I start to clean all the time. Since my stroke I don’t think I have finished anything. Well some things are more sterile now, so I do feel better. I did not do all my exercises, but I did carry the laundry basket with both hands. I had to put my left hand in the handles with my right hand, but my left arm does have some strength.

I learned tonight that my Uncle Bob passed away yesterday. I have not seen him in a long time, but I talked briefly to him on the phone a few weeks ago. He lived to be almost 88. I guess he turned out to have a great life. He was raised during the depression. One of my favorite stories he used to tell was how he used to not go to school because he was embarrassed he had no shoes. He used to always offer us kids a fudgical when we went to visit. Until he had his quadruple bypass, that used to be his favorite snack. He lived another 30 years after that. Hopefully, I have some of those good strong stock genes. I have given up my ice cream too Uncle Bob. I hope to see you in more than 30. Keep my Dad company, you two were always close.