Seed Catalogs Ordered

have the gnome, need the garden

I ordered a few seed catalogs yesterday. I will be busy moving at the start of summer. I will have at least a few container gardens going by then. I can’t wait. I missed out on last year big time. I could barely walk, let alone take care of a plant. When I think along those terms, I see how far I have progressed. My grip strength in my left hand went from 0 (not moving at all), to 2 in October, now it is up to 10 pounds grip strength. That sounds like I am a light weight, but I am working on it. I have a 60 pound dog I need to walk. I am hoping I can use just my right hand to walk her, and have a back up leash attached to my leg or something creative. She is very strong. She walks like a perfect angel once we get going. Her excitement is hard to contain at first. It would be fun to hook her up to a pony cart, I know she could pull it with no problem. I am looking forward to seeing her again next month.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get warm enough to melt some snow. I love it when it melts in a day. That is being overly optimistic, but I will take any melting over below 0 temps.