Monday Madness

looking at the frozen lake

It is starting to melt, yay! It started raining this afternoon, so it should melt faster. I am hoping. There is still a layer of ice under the snow that makes for interesting walking.

The rain also put a chilly dampness in the air. My son was in a bad mood when I picked him up from basketball practice. He was in better spirits by the time he went to sleep. He still would not tell me what was wrong. I did not make it to walk tonight. I had a slight mishap while cooking my dinner. I made my son scrambled eggs, that went without a hitch. I proceeded to heat up the toaster oven, in preparation for my fake pizza’s. I call them fake because I use bread slices as the crust. Anyhow, after they were all assembled I went to pop them in the toaster oven. That is when I noticed the bag of leftover hotdog rolls melting on the top of the toaster oven. I pulled them off before the plastic melted all over. It was just a few spots on top, after I peeled all I could off. Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I know the spots will come off with nail polish remover. I am mad at myself, because I made a mental note to clear off the top when I turned it on. It did not register in my brain that there was a plastic bag there. I also get mad because it is not my kitchen. I would have heated  the big range oven up, to warm the house up. I used the toaster oven because my mother thinks it uses less electricity. I also would have not put leftover stuff on top to start with. Damn, I need to be more diligent about cooking. I can’t get used to not trusting my own brain.

My fake pizza’s were good. They had baby spinach, red and green peppers, fake cheddar and a little mozzarella sitting on top of rye slices with spaghetti sauce. I love rye. I envisioned myself making rye pizza dough in single serve size pizza crusts and freezing them for a quick meal. It would also be better with real cheddar. I am just trying to keep my sodium and cholesterol at a minimum. I used to put cheddar on everything pre-stroke, and extra mozzarella on my pizzas. I can tolerate less cheese with more veggies and spice.

I hope to get to a larger store where they sell tofu tomorrow. I never cooked with it before. I thought I would experiment with a few recipes. I also need to work my arm out more since I won’t be able to go back to OT until they hear back from my insurance. My PT is still on schedule, so I went there today. My legs felt stronger today. They did not hurt so much on the weight machine. She had me do a lot of balancing and different step patterns. It is really difficult for me to step backwards. I had to step sideways and backwards at the same time. It was nerve wracking. I did stumble, but never fell.