The Day A Bean Bag Exploded In The Sky

eat while you can

We got the shaft with the weather forecast again. It hovered around freezing, instead of melting more. The snow came down in little round pellets. They reminded me of the inside of a beanbag. They were far from comforting.

I did well on my eating and therapy goals today.  I had OJ and a banana for breakfast, apple and baby carrots (raw, no glaze) for lunch, peas (about two servings) and half a serving of ravioli and a small dinner roll for dinner. I must confess this left me starving with my stomach growling. I had to cheat. I had a chocolate whoopie pie and a cookie after lunch. I had a few mini Reeses peanut butter cups after dinner. Next time I will eat more fruit. I also need to get back into my popcorn habit. If only I could keep my eyes on the prize for a few months. My Buddha belly is annoying. I need to break downwards through the plateau I have been on for over 10 years.

I made  it to school to walk. I lost track of how many laps I did. My knees told me I did enough. I also tried to walk faster. I envision myself running this year. I need to at least lose the hobble. I have been walking almost all the time without my cane at home. I am concentrating on standing straight, heel to toe gait. It just is not happening on my left foot yet. At least I am rid of the damn brace. I was talking today about how it attracted negative attention. Another goal is to get rid of the geriatric looking cane and just carry a walking stick.

Talking about goals, I was finally accepted into Pinterest. I be pinning.(Like we be jammin’) I only have a few things now, but I am trying to add all the projects I want to do. My stone cottage, or maybe a dome home is a long range goal. Repurposing some furniture will happen when I move into my own place again. Eventually I will illustrate my bucket list. I am not ready to kick the bucket anytime soon.