Diversify To Succeed?

the "community" garden

I was taking my morning nap when I received the call from Clarkson. They are going to have me do the intensive therapy I was told about. It will be six days over 2 weeks. I don’t have to be there until 1PM. That is perfect. It will take me an hour each way to drive there. I am glad it is not a longer day than it is.

I made it to walk at the school tonight. I did my usual laps. I rested once since my right knee was killing me. I have to remember to take my daily aspirin before I go. One guy came in and asked me a few questions. He then said something about needing more snow. I said no way, I told him I wish it would melt. He then said something about the local economy needing the snow. I never considered it. I did not grow up near here. I don’t plan on staying here much longer. This town is a tourist town. Camping in the summer, skiing in the winter. The ski trails are not that great, with the little bit of melting and not having a large base to start with. They also do not have snow making equipment, like some areas have.  I feel bad for the local business people losing their winter haul. Mother Nature has been unfair in the past. I think it would be prudent that they did not put all their eggs in one basket. They might as well invest in gambling. This area would be ripe for more progressive industry to step in. Inventive solar, wind or other alternative energies should be able to gain hold in many depressed economies. There are plenty of people waiting to work. They should build large greenhouses near here to grow local food. The growing season is so short, I don’t think anything in the stores around here are even from this state. That is for these local mountain people to sort out. I will get out of dodge. I am not a mountain person. I just have to make it six more months.