A Truck Ran Over My Legs

ice castle 2010

When I woke up yesterday my legs were sore. I thought it was from walking, even though I did not walk more than I usually do. When I woke up today, they were hurting pretty bad. My calf muscles the worse, and the bottom of one foot was sore. I did not go walking today. Not because of the soreness, walking more around the house actually helped them feel better. I finally made it out to the next town over to find things at two different grocery stores. Certain things I can not find in this town. Salt free bouillon is one, I found it today. I still did not find tofu. I walked around both stores. It was not as long of a distance as walking at school. It was inside, and since everything is coated with ice around here, that is a good thing.

As we passed the park where they build the ice castle every year, we saw they are preparing this years feat. I hope the weather is not as bad as they predict tomorrow. I would like to go take some pictures of how they cut the ice from the lake. If the weather blows, at least I will get over there after it is completed. I have therapy tomorrow, at least physical therapy.

I still did not find out if my insurance is going to continue covering the OT. I am trying not to stress about it. It is not really helpful that health insurance is not straightforward. From the moment you try to choose it, until you try to use it, every answer is vague. Even when they approve a treatment on the bottom of the letter it says not a guarantee of payment. Really? I remember when they used to tell you the amount they covered, then we had the option to pay the difference or not be treated until we had saved the difference. I get bills and statements that are from 10 months ago. I don’t know what I owe or to whom. It is beyond annoying and stressful. So, I have to keep myself sane and stress free. My answer is to pile my paperwork up and start a fire. Nobody will let me have that fun. I could always use it as the base of my mulch for my garden. I could shred it all and start a worm farm. I can wait for them to find me buried under the avalanche of papers. I don’t want to be remembered as that bad smell. I wonder if anyone else gets annoyed with insurance baloney? Maybe I am special after all.

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