I Hope To Finish This Post

Another angle of faded building

I am surfing the net, trying to come up with something new to write about. It is not happening. I am scared out of my seat. The wind keeps gusting so loud, and strongly. I swear it is picking up the house, or maybe just the roof. Something is definitely creaking louder than normal, and moving. I thought best just to get my post up before we lose power or worse.

I did find a new word I learned today, Gabion. It is like a part of retaining wall, wire mesh, filled with rocks. I have seen it around once or twice in the real world. Today, I saw it in the design world, on Pinterest. I tried to link up, and add my Pinterest button to my site here. Alas, I can not figure it out. Not yet.

Well, I forgot to link up a pretty Gabion in action too. The picture I did throw up looks very similar to previous posts. I took several at different angles. It might be one I used before, if so, I will fix it someday. I have no new pictures. I am stalling on all fronts. I am holding steady at the same weight. Even after reducing my sweets and trying to work out more. I tried to crochet again. I think I ripped out more stitches than I managed to complete. My clumsy left hand does not want to help. I have not completed a single painting. My old photos lie waiting to be developed. I have books to read. Medical receipts to file clutter my table. I am totally occupied with trying to come up with new projects, when I can’t complete what was previously planned. Is the saying plans are made to be broken? No, that is rules.

Here is what I did accomplish today. Slept in until lunchtime. Had breakfast for lunch. Showered. Made homemade pizza crust. Made pizza. Ate pizza, and dropped some all over clothes. (why I like to eat at home) In between, I spent sitting in front of the computer, surfing, reading, dreaming, getting lazier. Tomorrow will be more of the same, as long as we have electricity.