To Plan A Road Trip

I don’t need to plan anything, I have been to Boston many times before. What I do need to anticipate is one handed driving for an extended period of time. I have only done that once since my stroke. This trip will be a few hours longer. I don’t leave for a few weeks. Meanwhile, I have nothing new and exciting to look forward to.

I made it to the school to walk  today. My knees hurt. I hope I wake up refreshed. There is no walking tomorrow because of a school event. I will have to escape from here to do something. I still need to get some more pictures. I hope the snow stays away, so I can do something.

I am glad I did not get caught up with television today. I still did not accomplish much. I had to run some paperwork to the doctors. I cleared a few inches of snow off my car before I left. I stopped at the store. Someone keeps drinking all my OJ. I feel like I ran a marathon, but I did not. I could not even walk a marathon right now. I could sleep through one easy.