My Body Cries Out

more stone study

I am so glad I took my aspirin before therapy today. They put me on the treadmill so much longer. They also made me put all my weight on my left leg and knee. I am sore already. I am thinking I won’t be able to move in the morning. At least the worst storm of the winter did not hit yet. It is just lightly snowing now. It is supposed to be worse tomorrow and mixed with ice. Clarkson already planned on most people not making it. They said their good byes and thank  yous today in anticipation. They also did some of the final testing so they can finish their assignment. I am a wait and watch type person. I am going to get ready to go, then make my final decision 10 minutes before I should leave.

Waiting For The Storm

bucket of cool water anyone?

I am just hoping they are wrong about the large amount of snow, and maybe ice we are supposed to get. I want to make it to the last two days of therapy. Today my legs and knees were hurting. I went to the school to walk. I only made it one half mile before I gave up. It is hard to walk when every step feels like it is going to break your bones. I did not take my aspirin beforehand. That might of helped.

I did not clean the inside of my car today, so will have to give up some sleep tomorrow morning to get it done. My super cute dog left some dark muddy prints on the front seat and a whole lotta short spikey hair on the back seat. I already ordered my seat covers and they should arrive in a few days. I have almost had this car two years. I should have got the seat covers from the get go. Stuff happens.

Only Two Sessions Left

heavy snow weigh down and caught a bird in flight

I am glad I volunteered to be a guinea pig at Clarkson University. Today, I had a nice sunny drive with dry roads. I got through my session without pain, I am starting to feel sore now. I don’t think they worked my abs as hard. I am not going to tell them. They seem to enjoy my pain.

The snowmobiler’s are happy. I can hear them now. Some actually sound like a sick cow crying. Not a good sick, as now my son is fond of saying “sick” as in “sweet” or “cool”. My niece loves to cross country ski. She is seven and just learned this year. I like to stay warm and comfy.

Dug Out

how you know you need a new roof

The sun was shining today. My sister and brother-in-law came over to dig me out. My sister shoveled, cleared off my car and moved it. I was thankful, because when I parked it mid storm, I thought I got one wheel stuck off the driveway. I am ready to go back to Clarkson for more torture. My son is ready to go back to school. I can go back to walking at the school too.

It has not stopped Snowing!

I love cobblestones

I spent the whole day inside. I did not venture out, even after my son cleared off my car, and the driveway was plowed. It kept snowing, I was waiting for it to stop. It was supposed to clear up in the afternoon. Well I did get a shot of the snow weighing down the conifers, it is still on my camera.

My legs do not hurt as much as I thought they would. My knees are shot, and my abs are sore. Maybe I will melt down into a six pack. I only have one more week of the Clarkson therapy. I am just hoping for warm sunny weather to make it through.

Mental and Physical Toast

ignore the power lines

There is something about white knuckled driving for a few hours that tires you out. Doubly so when said driving is followed by hours of physical therapy. Triply when hours of therapy are preceded by over an hour of white knuckled driving. I am done whining now. I also apologize to the line of cars (mostly pickup trucks) stuck behind my 30 mph slippery lead. There was nowhere to pull over. I felt the need to keep moving forward.

I basically skipped lunch, so celebrated my success of living through the storm by pigging out. Pigging out is never good. I hope my body forgives me, and that I don’t stroke out tonight. I  also included a pear in all the debauchery.

Snowed In

Stone Study

Today started off with the sound of snow plows. Looking out the window, I could see the snow stuck to the trees. It pulled some of them down, so the tops were touching the snow on the ground. It reached over the freezing point later in the day. The end of the driveway was still too wet, heavy, and deep to dig out by shovel. Not by a 70 year old women, 12 year old boy, or use of one arm women. So, I was stuck at home most of today. My muscles are still sore from yesterday.  I got my morning nap in without guilt. I cleaned up my room, threw out old mail. My brother-in-law cleared out the drive when he got home from work. I went out to pick up another script. I returned shortly after, too lame to even browse around the store for bargains.

I have been doing well getting to sleep well before 2AM. I now am shooting to get to sleep by 11PM. That was my old sleep pattern pre-stroke. I am hoping the earlier bedtime will take away to morning helplessness to stay awake. I would ideally like an afternoon siesta, but I will be at therapy tomorrow, if there is not a blinding snow storm or ice in my way. The weather forecast is for snow, changing to rain then back to snow. I hope they are partially wrong, my drive is over an hour on a sunny day.

Therapy Kicked My Ass

off rte 9, picnic table spot

I am hurting and tired. The tired from no nap. The hurting must have been the treadmill. They are trying to make me walk upright, without hobbling. That is one of my goals, but it is going to take serious concentration. I did not even feel sore until I got home. I have nothing on my schedule tomorrow, except not to forget to take a nap or two.

Not For Me

Plaque at Sunday Rock
Sunday Rock

I look forward to getting out of the Adirondacks. I guess I might be the only one. I like woods, and rocks, and lakes. There is something about this area, that repels me. Maybe it is just the cold, snow and black flies. There is always one or the other. Yes it could be Sunday, it is that monotonous. I drove down near Albany today. Loved the sunshine. I was so envious of all the towns with no snow on the ground. Unfrozen lakes and creeks, there is life!

Put a depressed prone person into a place that they hate, it becomes their prison. My youngest son has been talking about when he could ride his bike again. My attitude about the cold is rubbing off on him. I like to think it is just developing good survival skills. Avoid the coldest place in the state, sounds reasonable.

I Went Through Testing All Day

I met my two grad student therapists and the professor in charge. Everyone seemed nice. The students seemed knowledgeable.  They said they are going over my results and will come up with a plan of action. They might teach me how to cook more independently. Perhaps make it easier to crochet, or walk faster. I don’t expect miracles. That is false, I do expect miracles. I have not stopped believing yet.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day. I took some pictures of stone buildings in a little town along the way. I also got a picture of a giant granite boulder. I am going to look that one up, I never noticed it before. It has its own plaque and park. The sides of the road were too snowy to get the graffiti covered rock. It is much bigger than the one with the plaque and park. I guess bigger is not always better.