Turn The Page

Classic Love

It is February. As I turn the page of the calendar for the first time this year, I realize 1/12 of the year is over. I will look back at my resolutions to see if I did any of them. I know I missed some, but it is all work in progress and I have 11 months left.

I went walking, and I pushed myself. I walked fast almost the whole time. I know I will be hurting tomorrow, I can feel it already. I hope to turn it into a good pain. Real pain is laying in the hospital bed and waiting for the nurses aid to come in so you can pee. Real pain is having another stroke and knowing you did not do all you could to prevent it. I am going to walk again tomorrow, and try to go as fast and add one lap. Or add two. I can take some Tylenol if I hurt too much. I can never get rid of the pain of being helpless.

I had both OT and PT today. Once again I was given the test of what year is it, and remember this address. Those do not show my memory problems, or explain why some words come out nonsense like sometimes. She said she was going to order more sight tests and more advanced thought process. OT will be working on a plan for my eventual return to the working world. I hope it helps me open my own vintage shop. I really don’t see myself doing anything else, except maybe own some greenhouses. It would be cool if I could do both together.

Tomorrow I am going to buy some Necco Sweethearts. I love candy. I will read each saying as I devour them.