Super Bowl Weekend

Big whoop dee do. If you really know me, I don’t like professional sports that much. I might watch a few minutes of the super bowl. My son usually likes to watch. I bought a bag of tortilla chips, just in case I feel like pigging out. I like to pour the chips on a paper plate, open a jar of salsa, pour some on top, then put cheese on top and put in the microwave until the cheese melts. I love cheddar, but since my stroke I watch the amount of sodium and cholesterol in everything that might come close to going in my mouth. Today while shopping I picked up mozzarella slices to put on my tortilla chips. The mozzarella had the least sodium, so I might be able to splurge and have two plates. I have been using Paul Newman’s medium traditional salsa. It is the lowest sodium salsa I can find. I can’t believe the varying amounts of sodium in different brands. I can’t wait to have a successful garden and whip up my own salsa. I still can’t find tofu in this town. I hope the health store in the next town will be open when I go there tomorrow. I have never tried tofu before, so I still have to research an easy to do recipe with it. I was hoping to make some fake meatbally things, but since I don’t cook often, I might try something much simpler.

So this Sunday will be super since I will be food experimenting and the game will just happen to be on in the background. I hope to get my act together and take some more photos as well. Add some cleaning and my regular therapy exercises and that is all the excitement this old chick can handle.