Mid Century Cottages

mid century cottage door, with winter shadows

On the other side of town, are a group of cottages, from the era when you stopped along the road when tired. I have seen more of these in movies than in real life. This property is for sale, with a small hardware store sign in the window. The owner is in Florida for the winter, and these are closed up for the season. If I had money to throw around I would buy them. If they were in a part of the state I liked better, I would be begging, borrowing, and stealing to buy these. I would live in the smallest cottage. This is the door on this one. I would rent out the caretakers cottage as a rental property. I am not sure I would just preserve the rest of the cute little cottages. The nostalgic neon sign out front is the icing on the cake. I took a picture of that too.

It has been sunny the last two days. I love it. It did not get warm enough to melt anything though. I made it to the school to walk. I did not do the full mile again. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more agile.