Pink at Night Sailors Delight?

cold moon

The sailors will be freezing their noogies off. It was -4 degrees farenheit last night. It did warm up in the sun today, just enough to melt just a teensie little edge of all the ice I am surrounded with. I had OT and PT today. As usual, I am exhausted. I did not make it to the school to walk. My appointments ran late. My son was doing homework until bedtime. I had to actually make him take a break to eat dinner. I hope to get things accomplished tomorrow. My morning today was shot by me having to call to get my car payment done. I was locked out of their customer service site again. They are the most user unfriendly web payment service, and the only one my bank uses. Just more incentive to get my car loan refinanced.

Part of tomorrow I have to be brave and call on a craigslist ad. It sounds too good to be true, but I have to call and get the real scoop. It is for 4 acres of land with a livable mobile home at a reasonable price. It is not my first choice of towns, but it is within driving distance to many places I do know. Most likely it was misprinted or already taken, or just a scam to start with. I am ready for a bargain to start my mini farm. Otherwise, I will be renting a small apartment with a balcony. I won’t be moving until June, but it will be here before I know it.