Things Can Change On A Whim

please melt

Just for giggles I have been looking at places to move to in the summer. I found an ad on craigslist that might be a good fit me for now. I called, which for me takes courage. Now, with one day notice I am taking a  road trip this weekend to go check it out. My daughter, with her own hectic grad student schedule, agreed to go with me. She has been my financial adviser for a long time. She will also be my second set of eyes, and a whole brain, this weekend. I can’t trust myself at all after my stroke, and even sometimes before. Even if everything works out and I get this place I won’t officially move until after my son is done with this school year.

I will also get to see my Ashley dog. I miss her. I might try to walk her to see if she can still overpower me. Before my stroke it took all my strength at times to contain her enthusiasm. She is calm sleeping in bed with me. She is calm riding in the car. She loves car rides, she is my road trip pal. She is not allowed to ride shotgun, for her own safety.

I made it to school to walk. I only did half a mile. I know I have too many excuses. I was pushing myself too much on the last lap, and my knee did not feel right.