Valentine’s Eve

ice castle tower

In my never ending attempt to eat more candy than I should, I almost stopped to buy some necco conversation hearts tonight. I then had the brilliant idea to wait a day or two and get them half off. This is the first year in a long time I did not buy any Valentines cards or candy for anyone. I usually at least get my mom one. That was when I lived 6 hours away and only saw her 3 or 4 times a year. I did not get my kids any either, or any of my exes. Oh well, life goes on (hopefully).

I made it to school tonight and walked the whole mile. I owed myself, I took Friday night off. I did too much driving Saturday, and recovering Sunday. I don’t have therapy until Wednesday. With my brain filled with thoughts of sugar, I forgot to stop and pick up one of my meds I ran out of. I will have to brave the cold and do it tomorrow. My mom made a whole bunch of cookies to give to her friends, she better give most of them away. I can’t exercise enough to get past the weight I am stuck at now. I hate when that happens. After waking up twice last night thinking I was having another stroke, I am not really tempted to eat more tortilla chips. I might cave tomorrow, I will try to eat more salsa than chips, and leave the cheese off.

I actually thought for a split second I was stroking out or having a heart attack. I woke up gasping from anxiety (my terminology), one time my left arm felt completely numb. When I had my actual stroke last year, I did the anxiety gasp wake up followed by gradual numbing of my left arm. The numbing did not start until after I had taken a bath to calm myself down. I also forgot to mention on my blog (my only written record to myself), my left ear had the blood in it again a few days ago. I felt it before I put the Q-tip in, stupid doctors always blame it on the Q-tip.