A Week of Above Freezing Temps Forecasted

marvin martian from saranac lake winter carnival

I hope to get my car washed tomorrow.  It is one of those things I used to take for granted. I could drive a mile to the other side of town, and scrounge up $2 of quarters to wash it myself. Now, I can’t hold the pressure with one hand comfortably, and walk around the slippery car wash floor at the same time. I have to drive 20 minutes to the next town over, to utilize the automatic car wash. Only a few more months, I keep telling myself.

I made it to the school to walk. I am not even sure how far. I can’t keep track and worry at the same time. I know it was less than one mile. My attempt to go to sleep earlier last night was a lost cause. I tossed and turned, then cried myself to sleep. I paid the price by remaining in a deep funk most of today. I will try harder to turn my attitude around tomorrow. A clean car will help.

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