Put On My Big Girl Panties

looking for a cave to hibernate

I will have to face my failures tomorrow. I pulled up my credit score yesterday, I knew it would be bad. I am going to confidently try to maneuver my way into getting my own place one way or another. Burying my head in the sand will only get me fleas. I can hear no 50 times and not lose hope when I call 51. I wish this was the truth, but it is far from who I am. I will at least call a few people tomorrow to see what I can do, and where I go from here.

I made it through both therapy and walking at school. Taking the aspirin before I walk is a lifesaver. When I felt the aspirin kick in I walked without even feeling my legs. If I did not walk, I would not get enough exercise and end up living in fear of having another stroke. I still might have one, but at least I know I am doing almost all I can to prevent it. Going to sleep earlier is still in the plans too.