Tired Again

I am dog sitting this weekend. I drove 3 hours one way to pick up Ash, and then 3 hours back. Before I left, I had both OT and PT. I can hardly walk, but my meds are starting to work. While waiting, I walked around several stores. It never ends the stares I get while hobbling about. It might have been the hot chocolate that dripped all over my jacket. I drove through and ordered a hot chocolate. I was looking forward to the little bit of caffeine. I had a few sips, but as always it was too hot for human consumption. The next opportunity of straight driving (I drive with only one hand), I picked up the cup and was amazed how light it felt and proceeded to sip. Nothing. I look down, both my cup holders were full. The cup had a small hole on the bottom. It dribbled all over my jacket and console. I had to buy paper towels and wipes to  clean up. All the extra napkins I had acquired were not enough. It was already dry on my jacket, I am glad it was black.