I Went Through Testing All Day

I met my two grad student therapists and the professor in charge. Everyone seemed nice. The students seemed knowledgeable.  They said they are going over my results and will come up with a plan of action. They might teach me how to cook more independently. Perhaps make it easier to crochet, or walk faster. I don’t expect miracles. That is false, I do expect miracles. I have not stopped believing yet.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day. I took some pictures of stone buildings in a little town along the way. I also got a picture of a giant granite boulder. I am going to look that one up, I never noticed it before. It has its own plaque and park. The sides of the road were too snowy to get the graffiti covered rock. It is much bigger than the one with the plaque and park. I guess bigger is not always better.

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