Not For Me

Plaque at Sunday Rock
Sunday Rock

I look forward to getting out of the Adirondacks. I guess I might be the only one. I like woods, and rocks, and lakes. There is something about this area, that repels me. Maybe it is just the cold, snow and black flies. There is always one or the other. Yes it could be Sunday, it is that monotonous. I drove down near Albany today. Loved the sunshine. I was so envious of all the towns with no snow on the ground. Unfrozen lakes and creeks, there is life!

Put a depressed prone person into a place that they hate, it becomes their prison. My youngest son has been talking about when he could ride his bike again. My attitude about the cold is rubbing off on him. I like to think it is just developing good survival skills. Avoid the coldest place in the state, sounds reasonable.