Snowed In

Stone Study

Today started off with the sound of snow plows. Looking out the window, I could see the snow stuck to the trees. It pulled some of them down, so the tops were touching the snow on the ground. It reached over the freezing point later in the day. The end of the driveway was still too wet, heavy, and deep to dig out by shovel. Not by a 70 year old women, 12 year old boy, or use of one arm women. So, I was stuck at home most of today. My muscles are still sore from yesterday.  I got my morning nap in without guilt. I cleaned up my room, threw out old mail. My brother-in-law cleared out the drive when he got home from work. I went out to pick up another script. I returned shortly after, too lame to even browse around the store for bargains.

I have been doing well getting to sleep well before 2AM. I now am shooting to get to sleep by 11PM. That was my old sleep pattern pre-stroke. I am hoping the earlier bedtime will take away to morning helplessness to stay awake. I would ideally like an afternoon siesta, but I will be at therapy tomorrow, if there is not a blinding snow storm or ice in my way. The weather forecast is for snow, changing to rain then back to snow. I hope they are partially wrong, my drive is over an hour on a sunny day.