Waiting For The Storm

bucket of cool water anyone?

I am just hoping they are wrong about the large amount of snow, and maybe ice we are supposed to get. I want to make it to the last two days of therapy. Today my legs and knees were hurting. I went to the school to walk. I only made it one half mile before I gave up. It is hard to walk when every step feels like it is going to break your bones. I did not take my aspirin beforehand. That might of helped.

I did not clean the inside of my car today, so will have to give up some sleep tomorrow morning to get it done. My super cute dog left some dark muddy prints on the front seat and a whole lotta short spikey hair on the back seat. I already ordered my seat covers and they should arrive in a few days. I have almost had this car two years. I should have got the seat covers from the get go. Stuff happens.