Rally Around The USA

mater from the cars movie second cousin

So, yesterday proved that if enough people get together that all believe in the same thing, and each one contributes a few dollars, 640 million could be raised. It is too bad that kind of rallying does not go on for a less selfish cause. We need organization and determination. Instead we get power hungry out to out do each other. I am not impressed by the powerful.

I also don’t get the popularity of certain handbags that some woman have to have. They are usually uglier than a burlap sack. When my son was young I ditched my handbag after having to make the choice of saving my handbag or my son that was getting away on the mall escalator. (my friend retrieved my purse as I ran down the escalator after my son) I learned to carry just the essential cards, cash, and phone in my pocket. Now that one of my shoulders droop, I appreciate that I am accustomed of not being a slave to my bag. My bag that I have had for years and bought for 14.99 on clearance. Like my clothing, I don’t feel a need to replenish per season, just because. I retire things as they collect too much paint spills, or wear holes that show parts that are better left covered. What brought most of this to my attention today, I was perusing  vogue magazine, some ads were several pages. It was highly predictable and familiar. I can’t fathom the money spent on producing those pages, without coming up with totally new campaigns or designs.

What’s Your Dream

heartwarming story

Everyone is posting on facebook how they want to wake up to win the mega millions.(those folks that can not stay awake long enough) I of course would invest in real estate first. Second I would have to give my relatives some. I guess whatever amount I give would not last long. I suppose I could just give it all to charity to begin with. I would not forget that charity begins at home. I would like to have enough to spay or neuter every pet. I would like to have enough left over to educate those that don’t have enough common sense to have their pet spayed or neutered in the first place. On a whim, I might just hire my own team to develop alternate energy. That would be right after I declare my own country so I can get out of paying too much taxes.

Get The Blah Out

Stone for a reason

You can tell this picture was in the past. It was snowing trying to rain all day. It was cold, it did not even hit 40 today. I dream of the day I have my greenhouse. I will be outside, without feeling the harshness, the blah. I have more sprouts (struggling to find light). I will plant some more tomorrow. If I don’t get a permanent home for them by transplant time, the ones that don’t go into containers will be deer food.

I used to love spring, but it has just started here. Not every tree has green buds, only small patches of lawn are a faint green. I did not grow up here in this high elevation, and I miss the “normal” spring feeling of a new beginning. I am not waiting on winning the lottery to get out. I am getting the blah out. I am calling another Realtor tomorrow to try another two day search of future homesites.

I Did Not Win The Mega Millions

cooperstown NY baseball hall of fame

Nobody won the jackpot. I went out to purchase another $2 of tickets. I did not get my morning nap. I feel like I have not slept in a week. I was almost back asleep after my son got on the bus, the real estate office finally called me back. Does anybody ever work in the afternoon?

It rained today. It was freezing rain last night, but not enough to make the power go out. My car that I washed less than a week ago is covered in a film from the street sweeping they did in the wind yesterday. I was not parked in the street, I am at the back of the driveway.

There are only a few days left in March. I wish I could sleep the rest of the month and be done with it already.

Until We Are Under One Roof Again

I am trying my best to make the best of my situation. I am on to plan B. A sprawling 8 acres with a house built in the 1800’s, in the same school district my oldest two graduated from, is offered as an REO. This means it did not sell for what was owed, they are now taking other offers. I want to look at it and put in an offer.  I hate when they don’t have millions of pictures on the listing. I did get a decent view of the grounds thanks to google maps. I like what I see, so far. I wish I could drive there tomorrow to see it in person. I wish upon a star to have something go my way. I also played the mega millions, and talked my sister into buying tickets too. My 7 year old niece said she felt lucky, and she picked some numbers as well. My sister wins many local contests. She is a winning magnet. I would be just as happy to find my own place to start over. I have one sprout so far (I think it is squash) for the mini garden I started. That is more hope than I had yesterday.

I was feeling a little bit dizzy and lightheaded (are they the same thing?) today. When I took my meds tonight I found out why, I failed to take my morning meds.

I pinned a few pictures from my blog to pinterest. I am still clueless how to put my pinterest link on my blog. I deleted all the negative posts from my facebook timeline. I am ready to start over.

Not The Best Day

I had to un-friend a former high school classmate on facebook. He was an annoying political commentator type. I tolerated, argued with his ignorance, then finally learned how to ignore him. Yesterday however, he crossed the line of sanity. He kept on with a tirade against the young murdered kid in Florida. After informing him of how disrespectful he was and him feeding on people (mostly me, he did not have many friends) reacting opposite I had had enough. Goodbye Richard. Thanks to you, I will never listen to what any Conservative ever says.

I also had the pleasure (NOT) of getting a big NO approval to move into a mobile home park. I also got no reason for denial, so I can’t let ignorance again beat me down. I pressed over the phone for a reason. I consulted a realtor and wrote asking for a written letter from the park owner. The seller is also getting a lawyer to see what he can do. So if I even win my case, I will have a loser landlord. I will pursue this further tomorrow. I had a bad feeling all weekend about not hearing from him, and my references not hearing from him.

Strike three today, my son’s roommate landed in the hospital. I can’t help but worry. I worry that I can’t help.  I worry that no one else worries. My mission is to right some wrongs, save the world from wrongs, but I can not stop even one.

I did hardly anything physical today, save walk to my car. I had no motivation. I wasted my time trying to look for plan B, maybe C. One tiny bright spot, my son came home happy all his homework was done in study hall AND he got to go outside for recess. He also liked the corn on the cob I cooked up for dinner. I am not sure where it was grown, but I bought it at aldi’s. It said grown in the USA. I thought it tasted like cookies.

Start The Week With A Smile

iron gate cooperstown ny

I hope I wake up happy. It would be nice to have a banner week. I stayed home and did laundry today, and cleaned a little. I also made pizza. Mine was extra sweet. I accidentally bought pineapple salsa, sort of weird with chips. I used it for sauce on my cheddar, chicken,and green pepper pizza. I was going to add pineapple chunks and coconut flakes too. I had so many peppers there was no room for much else.

I watched another Harry Potter movie with my son. We watched two others together last week or so. It was lightly raining so I did not walk outside. I thought I would blow up from not walking, but so far my weight is the same. Most of my shingles/pox are drying up. I should be able to go swimming by the end of the week. I also should call and schedule my pt/ot.

In My Next Life I Will Be A Stone Mason

stone study drive by

I look forward to the day I own my own land again. I want to try to build a stone house. I will start with a small project like a shed or garden wall. I wish they still made houses like this today. That is most likely a few years off or never. I still can dream, and appreciate the stone buildings of the past. This picture I captured in a drive by shooting. My daughter was driving, and I took the picture at about 30 mph. I did not notice the car mirror in the shot.

Today I finally dyed my hair. Good bye to the old  grey haired lady in the mirror. Now there is a younger (a year or 2) looking burgundy haired stranger looking back. I think my eyes have sunken in more since my stroke. No matter how much sleep I get now, I never looked refreshed anymore. It could be all the meds. It could be I need another 4 hours sleep?

The shingles on my stomach and back are starting to hurt and itch less. I hope they are finally healing. I am missing my cousin’s daughter’s wedding shower tomorrow, because there are going to be multiple pregnant women there. I don’t want to be responsible if none of them had chicken pox before, it could harm their babies. I was looking forward to seeing my cousins. The only time everyone gets together is for funerals or weddings. Hopefully in the fall I will be healthy for my niece’s wedding.

I am back to excuses of not walking outdoors. It only got up to 45 today. After being in the 70’s it felt cold and damp.(it sprinkled too)

The Start of Another Weekend

tropical pines

I want to make the best of every minute I have left to live. The trouble about that statement is I am not making the best of it. I have too many mental roadblocks. I do have a few major physical limitations. I can’t wrap my head around going forward without improving. The improving is going so slow. Too slow for me to comprehend. I wake up with good intentions, then I let fatigue overtake me. Everything else I forget, that stuff falls by the wayside. Days turn to weeks, almost three months of this year are past. I am still the lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl.

Going Nowhere Fast

How I feel sometimes, left to decay

Another warm sunshiny day. I finally managed to get my car washed. I drove through the automatic. It never seems as clean as when I did it myself. I know it needs more than a quick blast to the tires to get all the winter crud out. When my mother can find her hose and hooks it up, I will blast the tires myself.

I was feeling kind of exhausted after dinner. I did not take my walk about the neighborhood. I also skipped out on the talent show I wanted to go see. I went grocery shopping at two different stores. I have determined I need to buy a belt. My jeans will not stay up anymore. I guess any weight I lost comes off my womanly curves first. I feel more like an aging unik each passing day.

I also have the nagging annoyance of the shingles to deal with. They are on the fattest part of my stomach. It is disgusting to look at while I rub vitamin creme on them. I guess that just contributes to my down turned mood today. I also did not hear any response from the hope to be future landlord.