A Little More Snow

the whole stone building

This big storm fell short. We did get more snow, but only a few more inches. I hope it starts the melting pattern again. I missed my last day of Clarkson therapy. I was too chicken to venture out. I will have to get out tomorrow, to get a few things at the store. I hope there is some sun part of the day. My new seat covers arrived, and I want to install them.

I had some weird dreams this morning. This was during my nap after getting my son off to school. I was in an elevator. My Aunt (who died last June) appeared, I was so happy to see her at first. I then realized she was younger, and that if I was seeing her she must be coming to greet me into death. I refused by saying no, but felt myself getting weaker quick. I then woke up, alive. I struggled to be alive the rest of the day. Not much success today.