The Snow Keeps Falling

It might as well bury me. It depresses me. I know many find it exciting, but I was never a fan. I like it when it is warm enough to swim. I love it when it is warm enough to walk with a sweatshirt. I am trying to save all the money I can to move, so I won’t have to spend another winter here. I think my mom will be happy to have her house back. I just want to do something that does not cost a lot besides watching TV. All my hobbies are easier and less frustrating with two hands. I miss being able to walk about outside, without fear of falling.

My daughter asked me today if it would kill me to stay here another year. Hell yes, I am almost dead now. Not physically, just mentally stagnated. None of my eccentricities are appreciated here. Without my own rules I feel non-existent. I feel my 12 year old is living his life inside a nursing home. I feel bad for him as much as myself.

It is keeping me going looking for a place to move to in the summer. It is not easy with most things priced out of my reach. Most apartments if they allow dogs, are prejudiced against my sweet, lovable pit bull mix. If I get bored one day this week, I might send emails to the various rentals that specify breed restrictions. My dog has not even attempted to attack anyone. She might chew your shoes if you leave them alone with her in my apartment. So don’t do it, you are warned of my ferocious beast and what she is capable of, when she is not sleeping the other 23 hours in the day. People murder others everyday on the news. People are allowed to rent, as long as they have good credit.