I Am Not Unbalanced Anymore

Not physically anyway. I tested good enough in PT today, they won’t be concentrating on my balance anymore. In OT, they worked on me to put my left hand behind my back. I was so close. I have to keep practicing in the mirror. My hand keeps turning the wrong way. They also tried to get me to extend my fingers on my left hand, but after doing all the PT stuff, and the hand behind my back, my fingers were clenched pretty tight. I have not been wearing my hand splint at night, but might start doing it again to see if it helps.

I went to the school to walk. I only did 1/2 mile. I had to sit down, my left knee hurt so much. It has not healed from last weeks overexertion. That seems like a set back, but might get me to brave the cold water of the pool. It is supposed to be heated water, but my mother said it felt cold. I had planned on going before, but was too exhausted. My therapy was cut back to once per week. Thank you big profit insurance companies. I also have other exercise planned, to get my abs hurting too. If I finally lose a few pounds, it will make my knees feel better. If I get strong enough, supposedly I won’t walk as hobbly either. I sick of being hobbly, but at least I have some balance.